leaves slender hairlike strokes that naturally mimic natural brows. The four-pronged nib design restores the ability of brows to accentuate facial expressions. The semi-permanent water-resistant formula ensures full and fluffy arches all day long! […]

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is a fine-tipped retractable pencil for adding definition and natural-looking colour to your best feature. deBBY girls will be thrilled to hear that a new shade has joined the microBROW family: DARK. Featuring a super-skinny high-precision tip and buttery consistency, the waterproof microBROW pencil defines and outlines the brows stroke by stroke. The Vegan formula […]

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This tinted mascara tames, thickens and fills in sparse eyebrows. With Coconut Oil to strengthen  and nourish the brows. The non-sticky gel-like mascara is easy to apply, dries quickly, and contains tiny microfibres that fill in sparse spots and leave the brows looking full, shapely and natural, without clumping. Non-sticky formula. […]

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This clear gel mascara combs, sets and strengthens lashes and brows, even the unruliest. Hydrating and nourishing Coconut Oil targets lashes and eyebrows from roots to tips. The quick-drying lightweight gel ensures there is no stickiness and leaves a flawless, natural look. Clump-free. […]

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A retractable pencil for full, perfectly defined, beautifully tinted eyebrows. The ultra-fine, high-precision tip recreates flawless lines. The vegan formula contains Coconut Oil to strengthen and hydrate the eyebrows, plus a blend of waxes and mineral oils. microBROW PENCIL has a soft, creamy consistency and couldn’t be easier to use. The water-resistant pencil delivers a […]

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The retractable pencil fills, sculpts and defines the eyebrows, enhancing their shape. Dramatic looks can be achieved with just a bit of practice. The creamy consistency and slanted tip are ideal for creating superbly defined, ultra-precise brows. The WATERPROOF formula delivers LONG LASTING perfection. Available in 3 shades. […]

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The eyebrow marker sketches a natural shape in light, delicate strokes to recreate thicker looking brows. The four-pronged applicator tip glides on effortlessly following the direction of the eyebrow growth. WATER RESISTANT, BUDGE-PROOF formula. Available in 3 shades. […]

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The soft wax formula gives the eyebrows superb hold, colour and shape, enhancing their expressiveness. The hair-like strokes are incredibly precise. The soft, lightweight texture is easy to apply and has impressive STAYING POWER. Available in 3 shades. […]

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