With Mattifying Primer, applying make-up is a breeze and the result looks fresher, longer The colourless formulation contains soft-focus powders that absorb skin oils, eliminate shine and blur blemishes. Ingredients include HONEY MATTE COMPLEX, a blend of honey and coconut extracts with long-lasting mattifying properties. Effectively controls skin-oils, smooths the complexion, evens out skin tone […]

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Don’t you just love showing off flawless hands? Here’s the nail enamel you’ve been waiting for! Brilliant shine and a luminous gel effect. The unique texture imparts lush, even, high-gloss colour, perfect coverage and a “plumped-up” effect. A patented plasticising system forms a supple protective film over nails to prevent chipping. […]

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You’ll get a flawless manicure every time with colorPLAY, the long-lasting chip-resistant nail enamel. Spectacular shine and complete coverage are guaranteed with just one coat. Quick drying! […]

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You’ll never turn back after trying this awesome 5-in-1 clear base and brilliant top coat. It protects, strengthens, nourishes, whitens and seals nail enamel. Formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients including Vitamins A and E, Calcium Pantothenate, Argan Oil and Lemon extracts. Formaldehyde- and Toluene-free. […]

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Say goodbye to short, brittle nails. The gentle formula includes an effective blend of Vitamins A, E and C, known for their antioxidant, moisturising and strengthening properties, plus apple extracts and marine minerals for tougher, harder and smoother nails. Formaldehyde- and Toluene-free. […]

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Well groomed nails and flawless manicures call for cuticleCARE CUTICLE OIL. The emollient action naturally softens the cuticles and helps eliminate cuticle build-up. The formula also contains a blend of Vitamins to regenerate nails. Apply around the nail base and rub in for a few seconds. […]

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kissMYlips LIPGLOSS has a ground-breaking applicator with a deceptively unassuming name: EASY SHINE. It delivers just the right amount of product to make your lip colour appear even, beautiful and perfect. Formulated with Passion Fruit Oil and Vitamin E for a vinyl finish with exceptional shine. Your lips will feel blissfully soft and moist. Dermatologist […]

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