100%clean Nail&Cuticle Oil

No one wants dry, ragged cuticles or – worse still – hangnails. Kudos to deBBY for developing 100% clean Nail&Cuticle Oil, the first step to prep for a flawless manicure. The oil hydrates, nourishes and softens cuticles, making them ever so easy to push back or remove. Enriched with Chamomile Flower Extract. […]

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100% clean Base&Top Coat

For a flawless, long-lasting manicure with a glossy shine, you’ll want deBBY’s 100% clean Base&Top Coat, with its dual-acting formula. Use it as a base coat to protect nails, and as a top coat to prolong their colour, finish and overall appearance. Enriched with Orchid Flower Extract. […]

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